COVID-19 forces Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel to hold meeting electronically

Due to the current COVID-19/coronavirus situation and acting upon guidance from the County of San Luis Obispo, the Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel will conduct and broadcast tomorrow night’s public meeting electronically only. The Engagement Panel asks that members of the public interested in participating in tomorrow’s public meeting live stream the meeting by visiting or will be able to submit comments and ask questions using the online comment form on the Panel website during the meeting.

WHAT: The Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel’s first public meeting of 2020 will be held at the San Luis Obispo County Government Center. The following topics will be the focus of the meeting:

  • County of San Luis Obispo and the California Coastal Commission will present on the permitting process of land related to the future decommissioning of the power plant.
  • The Panel will discuss a new policy recently adopted by the California Public Utilities Commission called the Tribal Land Transfer Policy and its applicability to the lands surrounding Diablo Canyon. 
  • PG&E will provide updates on its bankruptcy proceedings, the status of the 2018 Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Triennial Proceeding (NDCTP) settlement, and the Request for Proposal (RFP) process related to the potential selection of a new spent fuel storage system.

WHO: Panelists are local community members who broadly reflect diverse community viewpoints and who live in proximity to Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP). Representatives from PG&E will be present to discuss DCPP decommissioning planning status and answer questions.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 from 6 to 9:30 p.m.

WHERE: San Luis Obispo County Government Center, 1055 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo.

WHY: The Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel is helping to inform PG&E’s site-specific decommissioning plan on future land use and providing repurposing recommendations. For more information about the panel, including panel member biographies, visit

About the Panel:

The Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel was created to foster open and frequent dialogue between members of the local community and PG&E on matters related to DCPP decommissioning. Panelists are local community members from across San Luis Obispo County who were selected to broadly represent diverse community viewpoints. The Panel meets periodically on matters related to DCPP decommissioning and the future use of DCPP lands and facilities.