Back-to-School Stress Relief

With summer ending, is the stress of back-to-school shopping leaving you exhausted? From school supplies to clothes for your growing students, school and sports schedules and volunteering in the classroom,
the list goes on! 

Feeling cranky? Stress affects physical and mental functions, leaving you cranky and exhausted. Adaptogens are herbs that help the body cope with stress. These time-honored herbs can support your overall mental and physical energy, improve quality of sleep, your mood, and even help with weight loss by modulating the cortisol response.

Jump Start! Popular adaptogens include eleuthero, ginseng, rhodiola, holy basil and ashwagandha… my favorite! Ashwagandha supports
“calm energy” and is great for “Type A” personalities as well as those who feel “tired but wired” especially at night when trying to sleep.
New research of neuro-protective effects of ashwagandha root has
shown the herb to enhance concentration by as much as 76 percent
while reducing forgetfulness by 57 percent. Who doesn’t need that!?
For a quick pick-me-up, rhodiola may be the herb of choice because it may reduce symptoms of depression, insomnia and mood swings.
Gaia Adrenal Health® JumpStart and Ashwagandha Root provides you with the quick boost you need. Both are 20 percent off through August.  

Whether you’re feeling anxious and exhausted or losing sleep, visit
The Natural Alternative. Let my team find the adaptogen or formula
that is appropriate for you. Remember that quality counts when it comes to the effectiveness of any product.

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Helping you be the best you can be!

– Bobbi and the Team at The Natural Alternative