Salus Integrative Medicine relocates office in Paso Robles

Salus is an ancient Roman goddess; the personification of health and prosperity. Integrative combines a part to create a whole. Medicine is the science and practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness. In 2010, Naturopathic Doctor Darya Boland, ND created Salus Integrative Medicine with a passion and devotion to offer alternative and integrative therapies to her patients; often using age-old traditions along with the latest in medical science and injectables.
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As of September, Dr. Boland has relocated Salus Integrative Medicine to the Gateway Center, 502 First St., Suite A in Paso Robles. “The new office is my gift to the community; offering a healing environment where my patients feel welcome and comforted. We are changing the medical model by creating a serene, natural setting for healing care,” says Dr. Boland.
The interior design incorporates elements that are visually pleasing, pure, organic and environmentally friendly; from the material used in the flooring to the beautiful living walls. The natural elements symbolize the body’s naturopathic healing power and Dr. Boland’s vision of creating the epitome of integrative health care to the community and a new model of treatment on the Central Coast.
Conditions treated include auto immune disorders, thyroid and hormone imbalance, traumatic brain injury, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, mercury and lead toxicity, allergies, obesity COPD, ADD/ADHD and others. For those who are cancer-free for 6 months, post remission care consists of protocols to maintain the positive direction; looking forward to long-term and permanent remission. To treat the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, neuropathy, pain and weight loss, IV infusions are available for added hydration and nutrition. For patients choosing not to endure chemotherapy or radiation, alternative types of IV infusions and nutritional care are offered. Dr. Boland works with many health care practitioners as well as Dr. Gary Foresman in Arroyo Grande who also provides IV cancer therapy. Post mastectomy care includes lymphatic drainage, use of botanicals, and assisting patients with proper wrapping and compression. Dr. Boland says, “We see patients pre-surgery to advise them about medication and post-surgery for better healing.”
To offer the most comprehensive care, Dr. Boland adds, “We must know every aspect of medicine because our patients are looking for options.” Dr. Kalyan Gaddam, ND and Dr. Jahaz Shine, ND bring their specialized knowledge and experience to Salus Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Gaddam specializes in integrative cancer care and pain management. For 9 years, Dr. Gaddam has treated patients at CBCC – Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center, a well-known cancer and blood clinic in Bakersfield.  As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Gaddam has extensive knowledge of conventional drugs, procedures and treatment protocols while using naturopathic therapy in harmony with them. He is currently conducting a clinical study with cancer patients suffering from chemotherapy side effects involving the bowel and gut issues by using homeopathic remedies with incredible success.
Dr. Jahaz Shine served in the Air Force for 10 years; deployed oversees practicing occupational medicine and assisting with air evacuations. After working and teaching in San Diego, settling down in Paso Robles was a welcome “beautiful” change.
Dr. Shine adds, “I consider myself a doctor, a healer and a teacher.” Her specialties include nutritional counseling, detox modalities, the mind, body and spiritual connection, cranial sacral techniques, pain management, PTSD and trauma related disorders from a natural perspective. Dr. Shine is an eloquent speaker on many health related, educational and legislative topics, specifically for veterans and governmental health care. Contact Salus for more information and to request Dr. Shine for lectures and speaking engagements.
Dr. Darya Boland’s mission for Salus Integrative Medicine is to address the fundamental causes of disease; treating the whole person with a positive, personal approach. Salus teaches the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine; inspiring hope and the vision of possibilities for optimal health. Visit and the new location to see a unique approach to integrative health care.