Bonnie Peterson opened Touch of Paso in 1987, and still operates the busiess today … 30 years later!

What is distinctive and special about your restaurant?

We are known for our homemade food. Almost everything we serve is made from scratch – our soups, breads, rolls, dressings.
Touch of Paso-TOP

What’s new on the menu for this season?

We add items to our menu as we go, when it feels right. If a customer suggests something, we sometimes try it and, if it’s popular, it just might make it onto our menu.

Do you have an entrée that is considered your signature dish?

We have so many! Our Touch of Paso omelet, waffles, chicken and dumplings, corned beef and cabbage, beef stew, and, everyone’s favorite – our cinnamon rolls.


Dietary restrictions: Gluten-free? Vegan? Low-fat? Sugar-free?

We have a few – our veggie omelets and salads are popular for those with dietary restrictions.

What ingredients do you source from local farms or vendors?

We source vegetables and fruit from Central Coast Produce, and we carry local wines and beers.

Are there any off-menu offerings our readers can try?

We have a variety of daily specials, and our regulars often ask our chefs to prepare Chile Verde omelets and Eggs Benedict.

What special ingredient can you not cook without?

Basil and pepper, and a few others.

What keeps your customers coming back?

Our food and our people – both are the best in town. Our customers tend to have their favorite foods and order the
same thing time and time again. And they love interacting with our employees including my granddaughter, Baily; our head chef, Victor and his assistant Oscar; and our head waitress, Bernadette.