Dawn Gregory and John Hawley opened Odyssey World Café in 1997.

What is distinctive and special about your restaurant?

We specialize in comfort food with a touch of an international twist.

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What’s new on the menu for this season?

Our general managers, Jill Cook White and Wilbert Saucedo, plan to bring more variety to the menu to keep up with taste trends.

Do you have an entrée that is considered your signature dish?

Not really, every customer has their favorite menu item. We have daily soups and specials, stir fry bowls, pastas, and we bake our bread fresh daily.

Dietary restrictions: Gluten-free? Vegan? Low-fat? Sugar-free?

We have several items on the menu, and we try to meet a vast variety of dietary needs.

What ingredients do you source from local farms or vendors?

Many of our ingredients and vendors are local.

What keeps your customers coming back?

Our food and our people. They know they’ll find consistently good food, good prices, and many of our employees have been with us for years. After 20 years here, our customers are also our friends.