The beauty about close-knit communities is how they can be more conducive to cultivating relationships among people from all walks of life. Dr. Mareeni Stanislaus, MD, is among those in our Central Coast neighborhood who takes a personal, caring, and holistic approach to patients in her practice of obstetrics, gynecology and aesthetic medicine.Stanislaus
“My goal is to provide women on the Central Coast with integrative wellness – a place where their reproductive health needs are met with state-of-the-art techniques, but where they can also take a break from their hectic lives with a therapeutic massage or facial or enjoy advanced aesthetics treatments not offered elsewhere in a 200-mile radius,” said Dr. Stanislaus.
Dr. Stanislaus, one of the first female OB-GYNs on the Central Coast, earned dual undergrad degrees from Stanford University and attended medical school at UC San Diego before completing her internship and residency at University of Pennsylvania. She has hospital privileges throughout San Luis Obispo County, in Santa Maria, and in King City.
A relocation in 2017 to her own office in Suite 201 at 350 Posada Lane in Templeton allows Dr. Stanislaus to provide a full array of advanced services that complement her mission of providing quality healthcare. In addition to delivering babies and providing reproductive health, she offers state-of-the-art advances that address other gynecological issues in ways that minimize discomfort and facilitates patients with busy schedules.
“As a female surgeon, I realized that many women cannot take the time to surgically correct their intimate concerns. Radio frequency and laser technologies have been a game changer. They offer solutions to gynecological health issues without job or income loss associated with recovery time,” said Dr. Stanislaus. “We offer laser, radio frequency, and injectable skin treatments including body sculpting, vaginal revitalization, hair removal, anti-aging and even tattoo removal for women (and men!) in every stage of life.”
Another service that Dr. Stanislaus offers is a medical treatment that lightens unwanted pigment and stimulates new production of collagen and elastin to reveal brighter, younger looking skin.
“I’ve invested in equipment, staff and extensive training so that I can offer a full array of treatments for every body part and every skin type. PicoSure technology is one example of this. It’s an innovative pressure wave technology that addresses skin problems without heat. This allows inclusivity for different ethnicities, as darker or tanned skin burns with other skin treatments,” said Dr. Stanislaus.
Throughout 22 years of medical practice, a deep connection between Dr. Stanislaus and her patients is among what she finds most rewarding.
“I’ve reached a point in my career where I’m delivering babies of babies I delivered when I first started practicing on the Central Coast,” said Dr. Stanislaus. “When women approach me at the fair and hug me for relieving their pain, I feel blessed to be so ingrained in this community I love.”