Cheers to Five Years!

Five years ago this month, we opened our doors to General Store Paso Robles. It was like throwing a party and hoping someone would come. Since day one, our community has been not only supportive but vocal, noticing when we change things, commenting on a Bob Marley cover we’re playing in the store, giving us a thumbs-up and a smile when they come in on a summer afternoon and see us busy at the register.
We have two things to say to this cool place we call home:
1. Thank you for five ridiculously gratifying years.
2. We are just getting started!
To kick off our anniversary month, we are celebrating with a “High Five” countdown. If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or come into the store, you’ll see that every day until the 17th (our official open date), we will have sowme kind of High Five offering … a donation, a special giveaway, a shout-out. There were just too many people to thank and too many ways we wanted to do it to limit it to one day! We will begin our High Five Celebration by donating $500 to must! charities. Another homegrown operation, we admire their focus, dedication, and how they inspire us to give in whatever way we can. We have a special art project in the works with local painter David Bond, as well as a custom cocktail mix (Paso Punch-thanks to Yes Cocktail Co.!) … check in with us through the 17th to see more.
We also wanted to tip our hat to the makers of our community. Some of them met with us in our living room over five years ago and were willing to develop products for us before we even had a storefront. Others have kept us well stocked even as they’ve exploded, and still others have made us the first place they’ve offered their goods in a shop. Without you all, we would look a lot more like a store that could be in any old town. It’s you that makes General Store specifically Paso, and a place where you can literally find things no one else has. Thank you so much.
We are blessed to live here, to do what we love doing, and to do it alongside brilliant people – including our staff, our families, and our neighbors.
Cheers to five years!
Erin, Jillian and Joeli & the team at General Store Paso Robles