Buried power lines, paved roadway and flourishing oaks bring fresh look and feel

PASO ROBLES — Seven wineries are putting the finishing touches on a collaborative beautification project along Anderson Road in Paso Robles — the culmination of a three-year effort spearheaded by Booker Vineyard and supported by Caliza Winery, Epoch Estate Wines, Fulldraw Vineyard, Grey Wolf Cellars, Niner Wine Estates and Tooth & Nail Wine Company. 

Located just off Highway 46 West, Anderson Road has always stood out as a winery neighborhood. It now shines visually with the elimination of overhead power lines, the restoration of native oaks and a newly paved roadway, as well as plans for expanded walking trails from winery to winery. The wineries worked with the City of Paso Robles and PG&E while privately funding the effort. 

“We’re giving one of the most important wine tasting streets a new look and feel,” said Eric Jensen, farmer-winemaker at Booker Vineyard. “The power lines and poles were not only ugly — they caused the native oaks to be hacked back by the utility. Now we’re going to see those trees grow and flourish into a canopy over the road.”


The effort started around the time that Jensen and his wife Lisa began planning their new Booker tasting room and wine caves, which opened in 2021.

“Our concept was to create a five-star destination in look, vibe and customer service,” Jensen said. “We wanted to give guests a gorgeous experience, and that begins the second they pull onto Anderson Road. Many of our winery neighbors shared that vision, and that’s what sparked this collaboration.”

An “estate winery” is one that controls its own vineyards. Each of the estate wineries along Anderson Road features its own adjacent or surrounding vineyard, providing a rare cluster of tasting rooms that can share their experience from ground to glass.

“This may be the highest concentration of vineyard-attached tasting rooms in the world,” Jensen said. “You get to taste the wines where they’re grown and soak up all of the vineyard views that come with it. We’re an eclectic bunch, too, which makes it fun and interesting to go from one winery to the next. Some of us are also offering lunch and private dinners, so you can settle in and stay awhile.”

The beautification project now adds to the immersive experience of the Anderson Road wine trail.

“This was done privately by a bunch of people who care about Paso Robles,” said Jensen, noting that each supporting winery contributed $87,000 to the cause of burying the power lines. “We believe in our city, we love our oak trees and we appreciate our visitors.”