Don’t expect great news to come out of the California Mid-State Fair media office any time soon. Although “America’s Favorite Fair,” based in Paso Robles, has not yet thrown in the towel, it is getting harder and harder to imagine hundreds of thousands of visitors to Paso Robles passing through the turnstiles in late July.

Today, the California State Fair, in Sacramento, announced the cancelation of the 2020 event, and a foreboding sense circulated around the local community as The Paso Robles Press received calls for news from the California Mid-State Fair.

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Officials have not given word that the 75th annual California Mid-State Fair will be canceled, but some sort of announcement along those lines is expected soon. With the state under shelter-at-home orders, and gentle loosening of those restrictions taking place, even if the Mid-State Fair let attendees through the gates, it would likely be with some strict conditions.

The Paso Robles Press has reached out to the CMSF organizers to get clarification on the questions surrounding the summer’s biggest event.