Hospitalizations remained steady at three cases and 42 recover from home

On Saturday, the County reported two new positive cases for a total of 45 active cases, following a three-day jump of 29.

San Luis County health officials have repeatedly assured the public that levels of COVID-19 in the county do not exceed the level of available care, even in the past days of higher-than-average increases.

At Friday’s public briefing, SLO County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein expressed a lack of high concern for the higher than average numbers, citing healthcare capacity at a manageable level.

Friday’s increase of 14 was centralized in North SLO County, with 11 of the new cases at home in Paso Robles and Atascadero.


On Friday, Templeton was listed as home to one of the 14 new cases, but the County site,, revised the numbers to bring Templeton’s overall number back to 7 and the case was reallocated you Paso Robles.

As of Saturday, Paso Robles reports 50 cases, and 10 of the counties 16 over the last two days.

Borenstein and County information team member Michelle Shoresman both noted County action to trace close contacts of new cases as the reason for the spike in positive cases, and not being surprised or concerned about Paso Robles’ higher-than-County-average numbers. The County effort to trace and quarantine close contacts of positive cases are expected to produce an increase in positive test results and a decrease in community spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, a task force of business, healthcare, administrative leaders and elected officials are expected to produce the “Roadmap to Reopening” next week.

Specifics of the “Roadmap” have not yet been delivered, but the County has already begun loosening restrictions on organizations and industries by sector. The roadmap is expected to delineate the pathway for the SLO County business and residential community to proceed toward normalcy.

Health officials have continued to encourage physical distancing and good hygiene as a means to maintain slow spread of COVID-19, especially on a warm weekend.