Where there is wine, there are weddings, so it’s not surprising that Paso Robles has become a wedding destination. We are lucky enough to have access to wineries with beautiful hilltop views and immaculate architecture to go with it. These locations are perfect for wine tasting with friends and family before or after the wedding day, your rehearsal, reception, or even bridal shower. 

Robert Hall Winery is just one of those scenic locations ideal for wedding-related excursions or staycation visits. There are several ways to experience Robert Hall Winery, including its underground wine cavern. As part of the Grape to Glass Excursion, guests get the opportunity to explore the winery’s cellars, including their underground one where there is a chance to taste straight from the barrel. The behind-the-scenes tour truly offers an insightful look into the winery’s grape-to-glass process — hence the name. To end the experience, guests are greeted back into the tasting room with an offering of small bites to harmonize with the different selections of wine. 

On a sunny day, you can take that dream for a bike ride through the estate on their E-Bike Vineyard Tour. This tour takes you personally through their biodynamic (delete biodynamic) regenerative organic viticulture case study and compares it with their sustainably farmed vineyards. For this adventure, you earn a walk through their cavern and barrel room (underground cellar), an electric-assisted bike ride through the vineyards, and, of course, a wine tasting accompanied by a cheeseboard.


Throughout these tours, you also get to know the backstory of the winery and how its founder and Minnesota man, Robert Hall, built his dream in Paso Robles. After a trip to France, Robert came back to the States enamored with the world of wine. 

“He came back with this passion to start a wine project somewhere in the U.S.,” says Managing Director Caine Thompson, who developed his own passion for the industry growing up in New Zealand and getting to know their wine country. 

Once back in the states, Robert searched the West Coast for the perfect location. A natural entertainer, he hoped to find a place that was close to town and allowed to produce the world-class wine he fell in love with.

In the mid ’90s, Robert found Paso Robles and was immediately impressed with the regions current exportation of wine grapes. 

“He wanted to find a place that was close to town because he was a big entertainer and believed that wine, family and friends should all come together,” Caine shared.

Robert then worked alongside acclaimed winemaker Don Brady, who has been the creative force behind Robert Hall’s award-winning wines since day one. The two tirelessly worked hands-on at the winery to build it into the elevated fixture it is today. 

Soon, they began to create wines of the highest quality is their promise, with each one of them made by hand with a simple goal — enjoying The Good Life. Well-Earned.™

Sustainability has been a core value since the winery’s inception, with Robert Hall Winery obtaining official certification for its winery and estate vineyards from the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. A pioneer in the industry, the winery has initiated a living case study on regenerative viticulture, paving the way for regenerative organic farming that is an open case study for others to learn from this way of farming.

Next time you enjoy a glass of wine, think about the grape-to-glass effect. Each sip holds a piece of that bottle’s history, and that is why Caine fell into this industry head first, “I fell in love this whole notion of being able to grow something and turn it into wine to be this time capsule of history of all the people involved with pruning the grapes, and harvesting the fruit and making the wine.”

For more information on Robert Hall Winery, visit roberthallwinery.com

If you find yourself celebrating a wedding in Paso Robles, the team at Robert Hall Winery developed a wine menu for each occasion: 

Bridal Shower

Robert Hall Cavern Select Rose

Rehearsal Dinner

Robert Hall Cavern Select GSM

Cocktail Hour

Robert Hall Cavern Select Vermentino


Robert Hall Cavern Select Sparkling Grenache Blanc


Robert Hall Cavern Select Cabernet Sauvigno


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