Do you hear the bells? You should, because the wedding season is practically here. We spoke with three local wedding industries and asked them what wedding trends they are seeing for this season and what advice they might have for those of you currently planning a wedding. 

Almond Springs

Long gone are the days of having to modify wedding plans due to the pandemic. Are you back to seeing a larger wedding guest list, or has the intimate wedding trend continued?


We are continuing to see an intimate wedding trend. Most weddings are 100 people and below. I think right now, people are being more financially cautious, and the bigger the wedding, the more wedding expenses grow. Weddings are very expensive now and to reduce cost people are being more cautious with their guest count. 

Ditching traditions is becoming the new trend. What are some new traditions your brides and grooms are bringing to the venue?

A few new trends we are seeing are:

  • Out with the traditional wedding cake — Lots of desserts and s’mores bars! An added bonus is some late-night snacks.
  • The Table Dash Pictures Game — They have a certain amount of minutes to go around to every table and take a picture. This ensures the bride and groom get a picture with every guest and it is fun!
  • Outfit changes — Brides change into another bridal outfit for the evening.
  • Last dance — Adding a last dance at the end of the night for the bride and groom to solo dance to.
  • Colorful palettes for wedding colors rather than neutral hues.
  • Audio guestbooks — Instead of the traditional hand-written guestbook, couples are opting for an audio version where guests can record messages with advice and congrats.

Any tips for those planning weddings this year? How far in advance should they be booking and what are some details they should keep in mind when looking for a venue?

The post-COVID rush and demand have settled. However, we still recommend booking a year in advance. When looking for a venue keep in mind: How much decorating will be needed ($$$). If it is outdoor venue, what time of year would be best to book the space due to weather, what is included in the venue costs, what would the event layout look like, ambiance, noise restrictions, contract and outside vendor flexibility.

Just Baked

Traditionally, we think of cake for dessert when we hear wedding bells, but are there any new trends and desserts people are requesting at their weddings?

Well — cake is still holding on strong but couples are asking for heart shaped vintage piped cakes this year. I quoted five of those cakes in one day, it’s totally wild but that is what everyone is asking for. Additionally, people are moving away from the huge, tiered cakes and really going for elevated dessert bars with something to please everyone! Think: lemon curd cups with fresh, edible florals. 

How is your bakery preparing to meet the anticipated demands and trends for wedding cakes and desserts in the upcoming 2024 wedding season?

We are actually finding that people are booking a little slower this year, and then they are kinda sad when we say, “Sorry, we are booked!” 

We have two cake decorators on staff, and our executive chef helps out as needed, but since opening our new shop in Downtown Paso Robles, we are spread a bit thin this year. We feel so fortunate to be chosen to help celebrate with our couples on their special day though and we are just trying to stay ahead on social media, finding what is really going to stick around and what is going to fade away. I think that the Vintage Cake or Lambeth design is here to stay this year.

Any tips for those planning weddings this year? How far in advance should they be booking their dessert and what are some details they should keep in mind when looking for a bakery?

Book early, please! We hate to turn anyone away. When you book your venue, you should also be booking your food and that includes dessert. Also, don’t skimp on dessert, thinking, “Hardly anyone eats dessert, right?” That might’ve rung true for just cake, but these full dessert bars that we are providing are a snacker’s heavens at the end of the night. Additionally, make sure that you find a bakery that suits your needs. We try to be super clear and upfront about the fact that we are a full-service bakery up front and not just weddings only. We can actually accommodate your rehearsal dinner as well as brunch before everyone heads out, and we can handle the entire wedding weekend. 

Floral Parlor

What floral trends do you anticipate being popular for weddings in the 2024 season, and how are you incorporating these trends into your floral designs?

I’m working with brides wanting larger statement pieces to make more of an impact, with an array of vibrant colors and trending away from classic whites and softer colors. There was a lot of repurposing of floral elements from the ceremony to the reception. I look forward to working with herbs and fruits to add a touch of Earth on tablescapes. The days of boring centerpieces from Grandma’s floral shop are gone. 

How do you work with couples to create customized floral designs that reflect their unique style and vision for their wedding day?

It’s a process. Couples come to me with a variety of inspiration photos that they have gathered. Many are all over the board, so to speak. As I create, I consider first and foremost the venue they have selected to set the backdrop. Then, I learn about the couple and their specific tastes in general. I also need to understand how they want their guests to feel. Just as our taste in clothing, cars, and homes are unique, so is the dream for each wedding. I can work with just about any vision and budget as long as the client understands the importance of florals adding to the ambiance and joy of their special day.  

How far in advance should couples book their floral services for a wedding, considering potential demand and availability? Any tips for couples planning their wedding florals?

I find florals to be about in the middle of the planning process. Six months out is pretty typical. But I’ve had large weddings pop up with two weeks notice due to certain circumstances. Then it’s all hands on deck to pull it off. We are creatives, so we can pull off just about anything, with the exception of balancing our checkbooks. 


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