On June 23, community members and leaders of the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs gathered together at SkyRose Ranch in San Miguel to celebrate and honor the most recent graduates of the Men’s Legacy Program. Throughout their week at the ranch, these warriors learned they are not alone in their fight and there is a way to triumph over their adversities. More than 1400 people have graduated from one of several programs offered through Mighty Oaks, including Men’s Legacy, Women’s Legacy, and Marriage Advance. In 2016 there were 351 graduates; the goal for 2017 is 585, and in 2018 MOWP aims to double that number. In 2017, 28 programs will be held in four locations – locally at SkyRose Ranch; Blaylock Ranch in Texas; the Bull Run Warrior Retreat Center in Virginia, and at The Wilds in Ohio.
The next public graduation ceremony at the SkyRose Ranch barn in San Miguel will be held on Friday, August 25 at 7 p.m. Come on out and help celebrate the Warriors! Bring a side dish or meal to share; tri-tip and refreshments provided. See www.mightyoaksprograms.org for more info on Mighty Oaks or send an email to info@mightyoaksprograms.org.