It’s the most wonderful time of year for lots of people (us included). Kacey Musgraves is singing “Feliz Navidad,” eggnog, almonds, and sometimes it’s even cold enough to wear boots. For some people, though, it’s stressful. What to get for whom, when to fit it in, and who knew that Carol was bringing her cousin to dinner — do we have to get her a gift? And one for her dog, too?! 

Here’s what we can promise you at General Store Paso this holiday season: 

Free wrapping in our GS bags with a custom tag and ribbon;

• A voucher for an hour of free parking…just ask! 

Open every day from 10 to 7;

• Things you literally will not find in any other store, anywhere. Like what, you ask?

Moonlight Granola (it’s gluten-free) in a special holiday blend;

Hot Toddy candles;

• Our own JOY towels printed right here in SLO county 

Holiday elves who have been training for this all year (we’re only kind of kidding here);

• A sleigh full of ornaments by Bevin Bells (from silver bells with a little PR steer to a hot pink mini cowbell, these are 100% just for us) 

• A music-filled, welcoming and energetic vibe that’s so much more fun than shopping alone with your laptop while the rest of the family watches Netflix;

Gift baskets curation. Give us your budget, and we’ll walk you through the store to find just the right goodies. We offer free crinkle paper, ribbon, and gift tags to make it gorgeous. (Sorry, we aren’t able to include items from other stores in our baskets, except Brown Butter Cookie Co.).

Client gifts? Last-minute stocking stuffers? Something for the most impossible person on your list? We’re up to the challenge. It truly is our joy to help you put together something special, thoughtful, useful, tasty or lovely. 

Hope to see you soon, neighbors!

The General Store Team