We are here to offer some monthly tips, tricks, and tales from the automotive industry. Whether you are fellow gearheads, garage aficionados, or maybe you think

about blinker fluid (hint, hint, you don’t have any blinker fluid), we are here for you. We are Jimmy and Leigh-Ann of Shift’N Gears Garage in Paso Robles. If you don’t know us already, we are both locals who decided to give back to our community and open up an ASE Master Certified full-service auto repair shop.

The Heat is On!


All hail the air conditioner! Especially during these North County summers. When you get overheated, you might become “unhinged,” and just like you, your vehicle needs to stay cool to operate normally. 

Don’t Sweat it! Pro Tips: 

  • Reduce the heat in your car when you park — Don’t underestimate the power of a windshield shade screen or placing a towel over your wheel and seat, it will absorb the heat instead of your car. Keep the windows cracked to allow the build up of hot air an escape route. 
  • How to get into a hot car, the right way — Put your AC on with lowest air flow setting with recirculation on and windows down for a couple minutes; then put your AC on high with vents facing downward, windows cracked as you drive. In no time at all, you can have an ice-cold car. 
  • AC losing its cool? — Two easy things you can check: Make sure your cabin air filter is clean and unrestricted, and make sure your AC condenser is free of bug and grime buildup. (An AC system should be recharged every five years) 
  • Vehicle starting to overheat? — Run your heater to rid the engine of excess heat and find a safe place to pull over. Do not immediately pop the hood, let your vehicle cool down first. Check your coolant, if you’re low, add in manufacturer specific coolant or distilled water for temporary use. All coolant is not created equal; stay away from tap water — drop that hose!  
  • Towing in your future? — Transmission coolers act as a secondary safety guard allowing it stay within normal operating temperatures (20-30 degrees cooler than your engine). Some vehicles will already have one, and for others it can be a necessary add on. Adding one is fairly simple and can save you thousands.


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