Meet: Golden Sun, Wild Vine, and Live Oak

Hiking a loop in the hills behind Georgia Brown Elementary last week, we were encircled by all of the parts of the Paso landscape that we love. Oak trees lined our path on both sides, morning light feathering through the leaves. As we crested a particularly challenging incline, we were rewarded with a view of grape vines clambering up and down the still lush hills. “We get to live here,” we almost always say to each other before returning to why the last episode of Ted Lasso was the best one, or encouraging my dog to please not stop at the base of Every. Single. Tree.

Inspired by our unique landscape, we partnered with Life Elements to create three new, all-natural, incredibly beautiful hand and body soap and lotion sets. We look for any reason to work with Curt and Martha because they’re just really cool … I mean, have you tasted her homemade pozole?! But they also just know their stuff. When we asked them to come up with some new blends that felt like the Central Coast, we expected the normal back and forth we almost always employ when developing new products. “A little less grass, a little more bergamot,” for example. When Martha brought us batches of three specially scents, we had no notes. Not a one.

We can’t wait for you to meet Golden Sun (with notes of orange, grapefruit, and rosemary), Wild Vine (hints of lavender, geranium, and elemi), and Live Oak (a blend of palo santo, patchouli, frankincense, and sage). Available in a whipped butter, hand and body lotion, and soap, as well as custom candles, these will make a great locally-made gift. They also use 100 percent natural scents, and are made only for us.

Don’t Forget Dad!

We also have handmade and/or small batch gifts for dad, including gorgeous custom wood serving boards from Shaloha, BBQ spices and olive oils, and handmade soaps in scents like “barber shop” and “bourbon cedar,” all adding up to a thoughtful and unique gift for pops. Throw in one of our NYT Crossword books, a deck of Star Wars playing cards, and a bag of Pop Gold Caramel Corn, and we promise you’ll have one happy papa!

Happy trails from the Team at General Store Paso Robles


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