Our Downtown Ambassador: Karyl LammersKaryl Lammers

Karyl Lammers was named our Main Street Ambassador in September of 2017. It’s time to re-introduce and thank her for greeting hundreds of visitors and locals to our downtown. Much to Executive Director Norma Moye’s delight, Karyl represents the principles of the Main Street program that has given Paso Robles the designation of a Great American City. “As the Main Street Ambassador, it is my honor and pleasure to help make this happen,” said Karyl.
When greeting visitors, she says, “I introduce myself, welcome them to Paso, offer my business card and the Main Street Directory and ask how I can assist with their visit. They love that there is an Ambassador to greet them personally! Many tell me they enjoy not dealing with an electronic device, but a friendly, smiling face.”
With over a year of stories to tell, I’ll share a few of the highlights from Karyl’s walking tours of downtown. “Downtown is filled with vacationers. You know, the ones with nothing to do and all day to do it in! Every day is a new adventure on the streets of one of the favorite downtowns in America! The credit goes to the downtown business owners who rock it! The shops are owned and staffed by your friends and neighbors, so it feels like home.”
“Downtown Paso is where you meet the most wonderful people; visitors from all over the world. Family reunions bring relatives from around the USA (many of whom were raised here) to enjoy downtown. Paso Robles is HOME and always will be. Home is a place where you grow up wanting to leave; then grow old wanting to come back. It’s not just a place. It is a feeling. It’s coming home where your feet may leave, but not your heart.” They enjoy sharing stories with me and we part with a handshake. This is truly the best job in town.”