By Blake Ashley Frino-Gerl

In 2017, Harvest Senior Living set out to fulfill the need for quality care in the Paso Robles area that focuses on the well being of assisted living residents. “Part of that quality care is done by having residential homes where we can see and spend time with our residents throughout every day,” says owner and administrator Jennifer Miller. 

After purchasing the business last August, Miller wishes that she had found a place like HSL for her father where he could thrive and have one-on-one care. She notes that her biggest joy is sitting and talking with the resident seniors. “To make them laugh and see that spark in their eyes is everything!” Taking the time to spend with residents is imperative and something they do every day, in addition to providing personalized 24/7care.  


There are two HSL locations, residing a half mile apart. Each home can house six residents. Depending on your needs, you can have a private room in a lovely home with an enclosed beautiful backyard or have a private room on a 2-acre property overlooking vineyards and farm animals. The services provided include bathing/hygiene, medication management, games and other social activities, live music, as well as three daily meals and snacks. Miller also mentioned they have dedicated, fully-trained staff that know techniques and therapies to help residents flourish in their living environment. 

HSL also works with the community in which local children and arts groups go to the homes and interact with the residents. “I feel like bridging the age divide is important,” Miller says. In the future she hopes to add more community driven activities for the residents, which will benefit all those involved.

Harvest Senior Living

805 Experimental Station Road, Paso Robles

(805) 369-2261


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