Royal Oil EVOO reigns supreme

You could be forgiven for becoming spoiled by the culinary richness that we’re offered by living on the Central Coast. Our farmer’s markets rival any we’ve seen, we have more world-class wine than we could drink in a lifetime, and don’t get us started on those cupcakes from Just Baked.

In that context, finding another really good olive oil for our shelves might seem nice, but not earth shattering. Unless you’re talking about Edie Barry and her family’s Royal Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We did some shimmying when we found out she had enough from this year’s harvest to sell a little at General Store Paso. In years past, we had to arm wrestle each other for the bottle that Edie so generously dropped off. 

We’ve always carried a couple olive oils in our pantry section, from lemon or fiery garlic made by Olivas de Oro, to buttery, soft EVOO from Templeton Olive Oil. But Royal Oil fills a special need for us: it’s a robust, grassy oil that begs for big chunks of salt and a hunk of really, really good bread. And it somehow absorbs the delightful energy, generosity, and life-loving nature of its maker, Edie. 

When asked how she typically uses her oil, Edie lights up. “Like my ancestors in Calabria, Italy, I have a teaspoon of EVOO every morning to improve my gut health,” she says. “In cooking, I drizzle it on eggs, toast, fish, vanilla ice cream, soups and salads … kind of everything. I also use it in baking banana bread, cakes or cookies for moisture and a surprisingly lovely taste.” 

Outside the kitchen, it’s a reminder of our connection to nature. “Going through each growing season is magical…it starts in the Fall shoveling the pomace from milling around the roots, watching the cover crop peek through the dirt in Spring,” Edie continues. “Singing to the baby buds hoping they turn into olives in the Summer. Around Thanksgiving, we pick with our hands and zoom to the Mill. Watching and smelling the olives turn into EVOO … it speaks to my heart.” 

We know that Royal Oil will speak to your heart, too. An extraordinary oil from an exceptional friend. Bring on the summer tomatoes!


The Team at General Store Paso Robles


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