Bank of America provided paid to learn and work grant

PASO ROBLES — Last week, the Paso Robles Police Officer’s Association took several Youth Work members on a paid shopping spree to prepare them for mock interviews.

These individuals were paid to learn and work from a grant provided by Bank of America. Each member was taught how to properly complete a job application, create a resume, and for some, apply for their very first job in the workforce.

Some of the PRPD officers helped the teens prepare for their interviews by selecting appropriate interview outfits and giving out some pointers for future interviews.

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The PRPD officers explained that they strongly believe in giving back and engaging with the youth and understand the importance of mentoring.

Youth Works is a non-profit organization in Paso Robles that teaches youth leadership and job skills in order to prepare them for the working world. This program was created by the Paso Robles Housing Authority and is based out of Oak Park.

Youth Works creates jobs for many teenagers in the community. They develop skills in farming, janitorial tasks, cooking, customer service, cash handling, tutoring, office jobs, and many others.

Youth Works also has a farm and provides over 1500 pounds of fresh produce at no charge to families in the community. In addition, they clean the Oak Park community center and laundry rooms, pick up trash and empty trashcans throughout the grounds.

The Paso Robles Police Officer’s Association and PRPD are grateful to Bank of America for the grant that made it possible to pay these students to work this last summer.