Between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, most cities in the county received nearly two inches of rain

By Blake Ashley Frino-Gerl

CENTRAL COAST — Increasing rain prevailed this past weekend and is again exceeding our regular winter rain income, with flood warnings intact on New Year’s Eve. Christmas brought some warmth, but cold weather and more rain are again at the forefront this week.

On Dec. 31, Morro Bay received 2.4 inches, and San Luis Obispo had 2.97 inches of rain, according to Oceano’s rainfall increased back up to 1.58 inches, which is the amount it endured in early December. In the South Portal region, near the Men’s Colony, rainfall accumulated to 3.19 inches.


Rainfall measurements (in inches) over the weekend of Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, as noted on and 

Paso Robles: 1.58

Atascadero: 1.56

Templeton: 1.89 

Cambria: 2.16 

Arroyo Grande: 1.87 

Rain has surmounted to be quite increasing in increments since July, above average, with Morro Bay totaling in 17.93 inches, San Simeon with 34.23 inches, and Upper Lopez Lake with 15.88 inches.

With high humidity and heavy precipitation, more rain is expected throughout the week in the county. Wind is also set to assist in high surf with waves in Morro Bay and Pismo Beach set to reach 12-18 feet on Jan. 5 and 6, according to