See the following minimum conservation measures for smart water use 

PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles announced that watering restrictions will not be required this summer, thanks to the recent wet winter and record rainfall in the state. The abundant rain has positively impacted reservoirs and groundwater basins, with the melting Sierra snowpack causing rivers to flow at levels not seen in decades.

As a result of these favorable conditions, the State has not extended statewide requirements for Level 2 Water Demand Management measures. Paso Robles does not anticipate any supply shortfalls, and therefore, no additional watering restrictions beyond the City’s minimum conservation measures will be imposed this summer. This allows water customers to water their lawns and gardens on the days and times of their choosing.

While ample water supplies are available, the City emphasizes the importance of water conservation as a smart choice. Thus, the following minimum conservation measures for smart water use are always in effect:

  1. Watering in a manner that causes excessive water flow or runoff is prohibited.
  2. Washing down paved surfaces is not allowed except for addressing health and safety issues or when using a high-pressure, low-volume washer.
  3. Vehicle washing is allowed using a bucket and hose shutoff nozzle.
  4. Water leaks must be repaired within seven days of notification or discovery by the City.
  5. Overfilling of pools and spas resulting in water waste is not allowed.
  6. Commercial lodging establishments must offer guests the option to decline daily linen service.
  7. Water fountains and decorative water features must recirculate the water.

Notably, State requirements prohibiting the irrigation of non-functional turf at non-residential sites remain in place.

For more information on water conservation tips, water usage, and water-wise landscaping, residents can visit the City’s website at The Utilities Department is responsible for managing and delivering critical water, sewer, solid waste, and recycled water services to the citizens of Paso Robles. 

For details on Utilities Department services, visit

As water remains a precious resource, the City urges everyone to practice responsible water usage, even during times of sufficient supply.