PASO ROBLES – The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District will meet for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 5:30 p.m. for the closed session, and the open session is starting at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Some anticipated topics have been added to the agenda as action/discussion items such as “COVID-19: Return to School (Plan B)” and “Approve Tentative Agreement with PRPE: Return of 6th Grade Students to In-Person Services”.

The Swim Paso Association (SPA) Inc. released a press release on Feb. 18 announcing they are preparing to apply for a $3 million grant, which would provide most of the remaining funds needed for Phase One of the Aquatic Complex build-out.

During the Feb. 23 meeting, the SPA will be requesting the PRJUSD School Board add the Aquatic Complex to the March 2021 agenda as an action item.

SPA hopes to work with the district to move forward on this “school board and voter-approved Measure M project.”

From the press release:

“SPA is asking for the PRJUSD School Board to review this project as intended and to allow work in the nature of applications, fundraising, and donation commitments, collaborative discussions with community partners, and additional mutually agreed upon steps required to prepare to build this long-awaited project.”

The agenda can be viewed here. 

See below for a full preview of the agenda of the meeting:


H.1. Approve New Classified Job Description: Office Manager 

H.2. Approve Student Conference Request to Attend CTE National Youth Leadership Forum 

H.3. Approve Purchase Order Listing 

H.4. Approve Payment Listing 

H.5. Approve Williams Uniform Complaint Act Quarterly Report – 12/31/20 

H.6. Approve Service Agreement with Jim Enterprises 

H.7. Approve 2020-2021 School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) 

H.8. Approve School Safety Plans 

H.9. Approve Revisions to Board Policy 2110

H.10. Approve Revisions to BP/AR 6020: Parent Involvement 


I.1. Approval and Acceptance of Donations 

I.2. Approval of Board of Trustees’ Meeting Minutes 

I.3. Approve Pandemic Increase in Certificated Sub Rate for In-Person Instruction 

I.4. COVID-19: Return to School (Plan B) 

I.5. Approve Tentative Agreement with PRPE: Return of 6th Grade Students to In-Person Services 

I.6. Approval to Purchase Upgraded Staff Devices for Instruction 

I.7. Adopt Resolution No. 21-19 Approving Use of The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) Contracts 

I.8. Approve Change Order No.1 for the Marie Bauer Project 

I.9. Approve Change Order No. 2 for the Marie Bauer Project 

I.10. Approve Change Order No.10 for the Flamson Classroom Project 

I.11. Schedule Facilities Study Session 

I.12. Staffing Report Update 


Please call (805) 608-4230 to provide live public comments during the meeting, limited to an item number on the agenda in open session. You will be placed in a queue. You must call well in advance of the item you wish to comment on; public comment will not be available once the item has been discussed by the Board of Trustees.


To provide written public comment on published agenda topics to be read during the meeting, please email 450 words or less to Note on the email if the comment is for a closed session item, an item number on the agenda in open session. Public Comments will be accepted via email until 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Public Comment is limited to three minutes per person and no more than 20 minutes total for any one item. Any documents, petitions, or information for submittal may also be emailed to the address above.