The 35 pints of blood collected could save up to 105 lives 

TEMPLETON — Although the blood shortage in San Luis Obispo County continues, Twin Cities Community Hospital was able to help by hosting a very successful blood drive with the Vitalant “Blood Mobile,” at the end of last week: every appointment was booked and 35 pints of blood were collected. Vitalant reported that the 35 units could, potentially, save up to 105 lives.

Among the donors from Twin Cities was Katie Scott (pictured), an administrator for Twin Cities’ highly-honored Perinatal Services unit. 

Katie regularly donates blood because “Raising awareness of the need for donors is so important to me. My husband received a total of 38 units of blood during his treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. My family is so grateful for each person who aided his recovery. It’s not just for trauma, operating rooms and birth; blood is needed in so many ways that keep our families together.”