District will look into creating a virtual academy as a transition to distance learning

TEMPLETON — Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) School Board held a regular meeting on Apr. 15. 

The meeting opened with the superintendent’s report about the planning for the Fall 2021/2022 school year. He spoke about the vision for daily in-person learning, restoring traditional elements, and a multidimensional view of safety and wellness, which would focus on academic, social, emotional, and physical development.

In learning from the past year’s run on technology equipment when schools shifted to distance learning, they are proactively securing the needed desk furniture for students to return to in person at six or three feet.

With regard to distance learning, the district recognizes that this has become a good option for some families. As there will likely be continued interest in distance learning, they are looking into a transition by creating a close equivalent such as a virtual academy that other schools have had success with. The first step will be in determining how much interest there is in continuing distance learning.

Following the superintendent, report was the consent agenda, which was passed, and can be viewed in full on the district’s website.

The Drama Boosters presented an update on the past year and the limitations due to COVID, as well as the success from the one show they were able to perform. 

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress spoke about the current year’s assessments that the state was not waiving them and the minor freedoms the schools had in how they choose to administer assessments.

Summer school was presented as a Monday to Thursday course to account for long weekends that families may want to take during summer vacation. Additionally, Monday, Jul. 5, would be a holiday from summer school. 

Jackie Bobsin, the Director of Nutritional Services at TUSD, spoke on the school meal programs. She suggested an increase in meal prices. The school is required to meet the school meal price equity index in order to maintain sufficient funds. The meal price equity index is defined as the difference in the dollar amount between the Federal reimbursement rate and the paid rate for the school lunch program. In order to maintain the balance, the school lunches were proposed to be raised to $3.50, with the breakfasts raising to $2.25. The last increase was in 2016. The suggested change was approved by the district.

Lastly, the meeting highlighted the upcoming important football game between the Eagles and Bearcats.

The next TUSD meeting will be held on Apr. 29, and links to join can be found on the school’s website.