TCSD creates preliminary plan to hold concerts in the park and announces 4th of July parade

TEMPLETON — Templeton Community Services District (TCSD) met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, May 18 at 7 p.m. for open session. The meeting began with approval of the consent agenda, which was passed 5-0 with item D pulled for discussion.

Item D, the 2021 Weed Abatement Contract was pulled by Director Wayne Petersen to inquire how bids were obtained and if a quote was taken from last year’s contractor. It was deemed that ads were posted, and those who responded to it were the only bids taken. While Petersen made the comment that bids should be more proactively sourced, he was still in favor of the item, and the item passed 5-0.

Next, the Board reviewed the request by the People’s Self Help Housing (PSHH) regarding the Community Facilities District (CFD) assessment for their Templeton Place II project. People’s Self Help Housing is a non-profit, local housing provider that started in 1970. The request of the Board was to take no formal action, but if the Board finds that a modification to the CFD or some portion thereof is warranted, in response to the request, that staff and legal counsel be directed to research what options exist and return with specific recommendations for the Board’s consideration. 


After the background of the project and CFD, it was decided that, unfortunately, the District simply did not have enough financial tools to offset the funds that the PSHH was requesting be waived, which would result in a $31,000 a year loss to the Fire Department. While the Board is in full support of PSHH and the housing developments they create for the community, the Board could not approve the waiving of the CFD funds. The Board did want to make clear that when establishing 24/7 staffing for the Fire Department, they went to the Board of Supervisors requesting a property tax increase to bring in more funds, which was denied. The District also has not received any COVID relief funds. The CFD and Measure A support a ten-year plan which is critical to the Fire Department, which would be servicing these new housing developments. 

Next, the Board discussed the Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 was reviewed by the Board and can be found, with a priority of focusing on completing the design, engineering, plans, and specifications for the Nacimiento Water Recharge and Recovery Project at the Creekside/Eagle Ranch Site.  

General Manager Jeff Briltz gave the COVID update, which focused on Concerts in the Park, which has preliminary plans to start Jul. 21 and continue to mid-September. The Board is still waiting to hear back if the county will permit reservations in the park. Briltz also highlighted that there are a few possible stipulations that could cause them to hold on concerts until next summer. If the county requires vaccinations or a negative COVID test from guests, or if the county requires it to be a ticketed event, then TCSD would consider that too burdensome to handle.

The second item of the COVID Report was in regards to the lack of COVID relief funding for special districts. There is a small effort underway to work with the county, but as Briltz explained it, “It is clear they can spend money, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an appetite for that.”

Next, Briltz presented the General Manager’s Report, which began with an update on Fire Personnel. Two fairly recent full-time employees have submitted resignation, a fire captain and an engineer. In response, recruitment has begun for a fire captain position, and further down the road will likely begin for an engineer as well. 

The Rotary Club has announced that the Templeton 4th of July Parade will be held this year, and TCSD acts as the office for people to submit entries to the parade. 

The ordinances that were codified and added to the website, per the decision made in April, are now live and can be viewed by the public. 

Briltz talked about the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA), which the County Board of Supervisors had decided on Tuesday to look into options to leave. Britz, among others from special districts, called in to request that the Board look into how these decisions would affect the special districts. 

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Lastly, Briltz requested that Board members reserve some time on Jun. 24 in the late afternoon to hold a retirement ceremony for Laurie Ion, Assistant to the General Manager.

The next TCSD meeting is scheduled for Jun. 1, at 7 p.m., and links to the meeting can be found on the District’s website: Tentative Agenda Items for the next meeting include a budget workshop from 4 to 6 p.m., a public hearing for the resolution for weed abatement protest, adoption and amended minutes from the Nov. 20, 2018 meeting, and potentially discussion on the Nacimiento recharge project.