In addition, the Board addresed first reading of the A-G Completion Improvement Grant

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) met for its regularly scheduled Board of Directors School Board meeting at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, March 24. It followed the Closed Session Board Meeting with nothing to report. 

Order of business was passed unanimously.

Central Coast Green Building Council donated $1000 to Vineyard Elementary School and Templeton Firefighters Association donated $5000 to Templeton High School Football partners.

Special Education Director, Dawn Brownell gave a presentation to the Board on Special Education.

“It’s just been a really strong team. It’s been wonderful working with everyone. The kids are amazing, their families are great. It’s been a great experience,” says Brownell of her first year working for TUSD.

The Board then reviewed the School Opening and Safety Plan 2021-22 Revisions. Updates include masking going from required to suggested and other COVID protocols lessening. 

Assistant Superintendent, Andrew Burnett then addressed the Board with a first reading of the A-G Completion Improvement Grant.

“A-G is a list of courses or pattern of study that our High School students must complete in order to meet minimum requirements for admission to Universities and SCUs,” said Burnett.

The plan will need to be developed by April 1, 2022. 

“A couple of things I do want to call out for the sake of transparency. Number one, the total grant allocation of this particular grant is $63,436. That’s the allocation of money that TUSD has received. That is divided up between two categories. The allocation amount for the A-G Access Grant is $46,139, and then the allocation for the Learning Loss Mediation Grant is $17,297,” stated Burnett. He went on to discuss sub-grants as well.

Science Teacher, Randy Gray gave an update on Next Generation Science Standards. TUSD is currently moving toward adopting a science curriculum that aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

“If you wanna figure out what is the difference between the old science and the new science, well, the whole meaning of Next Generation Science Standards is equipping our students with knowing how to do the science, with understanding of the content wrapped in the middle,” stated Gray.

Next Generation Science Standards include hands-on learning and problem solving while learning science. Next Generation Science Standards have already started being implemented.

During Public Comment on the item, two parents stated that their third-graders came home excited to talk about science for the first time. 

Director of Maintenance, Operations, Transportation, Grounds, and Facilities, Randy Botts, addressed the Board on the Approval of Resolution #R22-11-, which approves the Award of Preconstruction and Lease-Leaseback Services for the Templeton High School Kitchen/MPR Renovation Project.

It was recommended that the Award of Preconstruction and Lease-Leaseback Services go to Wysong Construction from Atascadero. The motion passed unanimously. 

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will take place on April 7, 2022, at 6:15 p.m.