The increase goes into effect April 1

TEMPLETON — Templeton community members can expect to see an adjustment of approximately 6.6% to their refuse rate beginning in April 2022. This annual adjustment is based on the California Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the prior calendar year, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This rate adjustment

is higher than has been seen in previous years due to the increase in inflation during 2021.

Templeton CSD’s Franchise Agreement with Mid-State Solid Waste and Recycling allows the rates to adjust each April based on the CPI for the prior calendar year.


Customers were advised of the future CPI adjustments in the Proposition 218 notice that was sent out in March 2019.

Residents and businesses should also be prepared for additional increases to the refuse rates later this year. These adjustments are anticipated due to tipping fee increases at Chicago Grade Landfill, IWMA fee increases, and SB 1383 (mandatory organics recycling) implementation costs that are anticipated to be incurred by Mid-State Solid Waste and Recycling.

If you have questions concerning your bill, please contact Mid State Solid Waste and Recycling at (805) 434-9112. Residents and businesses have the option to adjust service levels (size of containers) to meet their needs and may be able to save money by adjusting the services received.

If you have any questions about Templeton CSD and the approval of these rate adjustments, please call us at (805) 434-4900.