The District will be closed in observance of Veterans Day

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Community Service District met on Tuesday, Nov. 2, at 7 p.m. for a regularly scheduled meeting. 

The meeting opened with the pinning of Robert Baker, a new fire engineer in Templeton. 

Public comment opened with an update about the committee of oversight for the measure A that met and will soon be coming to make a report to the Board. 


Next, the consent agenda was approved, which contained the continuance of the remote meetings, which needs to be done every 30 days in accordance with regulations. 

The first item of business was the introduction of Ordinance 2021-5, which was revisions to the District Code regarding enforcement of Sewer Code Provisions and creating a progressive scale. This was an item that was brought up during the Aug. 17 meeting where it was addressed that the only penalties in place were for egregious violations, and there was no enforcement plan for small-scale violations. These focus on notices and education around the procedures, followed by small fees and finally the full penalty for being non-compliant. The ordinance was introduced and will be voted on for adoption at the next meeting.

The next item of the Board was addressing the potential sale of Rescue 7155. The vehicle was bought originally when there was a need for getting firefighters to the scene who did not have a class b license and could not drive the fire engine. The vehicle was never intended to combat fires on its own and only served as a way to get the firefighters there as soon as possible. At this point, all the firefighters at the station do have a class b license and can drive the normal engines, so the vehicle no longer has a need and could be sold. The motion to sell the rescue vehicle was approved 5-0.

The General Manager, Jeff Briltz, made his report, starting with the change in IT services within the district. They are moving from physical servers to the cloud, which was included in the fiscal budget. This is scheduled to happen on a Sunday and Monday. There is a possibility that there may be disruptions on Monday, Nov. 15 morning. The property tax revenue is estimated to increase by $34,000, which would be folded into the budget review to take place early in 2022.

Templeton Advisory Group (TAG) deferred two items to their next meeting: the Tin City Fork Lift Parade and the Jack Creek Bridge replacement. TAG did approve public comments regarding an emergency dispatch facility, opposing unanimously the projects location at the Main Street/101 area, largely because of a large 160 ft communication tower proposed for the area.

The District offices will be closed on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 16, and the tentative items are: 

  • Audited Financial Statements 
  • SB 1383 Ordinance Introduction 
  • Amended MOA with IWMA 

The meeting agenda can be found on the District website when it becomes available