Eagles will go to Idaho Falls, Idaho, for season opener on Saturday, Aug. 26

TEMPLETON — The Templeton High School football team has concluded a productive summer, setting the stage for an exciting 2023 season. The Eagles showcased their dedication in a series of competitions, participating in two passing tournaments and two linemen competitions that have left fans and coaches optimistic for the new season.

At the Atascadero Passing Tournament and Linemen Competition, the Eagles dominated on the opening day, emerging undefeated in the passing segment. In the linemen events, they secured an impressive first-place finish in the kettlebell carry and secured a commendable third place in the bench press competition, outclassing nearly two dozen rival teams. The momentum continued on the following day as the Eagles faced formidable adversaries such as Buchanan and Tulare Union high schools . The team’s perseverance and competitive spirit shone through as they battled these opponents right to the wire, leaving an indelible mark of resilience.

Just a week later, at the Arroyo Grande tournament, the Eagle’s passing contingent clashed with some of the region’s most formidable opponents. They achieved victories against Division 2 schools, marking one of the strongest showings by a Templeton team in over two decades at this event. Simultaneously, the linemen once again showcased their mettle, clinching another event victory and securing an admirable third position in the bench press competition, outclassing a field of 40 teams. The weekend culminated in a resounding triumph for the entire team.

Reflecting on the summer’s achievements, members of the coaching staff, led by head coach Don Crow, expressed their satisfaction, deeming this summer’s preparations the most rigorous and productive in the past five years. The Eagles’ leadership mantle is held by a cohort of seasoned seniors who have matured through four years of high school challenges. The coaching staff’s excitement is palpable as it anticipates the upcoming season, eagerly awaiting the team’s first game, against the Sugar-Salem High Diggers in Idaho Falls, Idaho, on Aug. 26. Sugar-Salem High School is located in Sugar City, Idaho, about 32 miles north of Idaho Falls.

As the Eagles gear up for an action-packed season, the entire community is invited to rally behind their hometown heroes. Fans are encouraged to attend all home games, creating an encouraging atmosphere that fuels the team’s drive for success. For the latest updates and information on the Templeton High School Football team, visit the THS Football page at templetonusd.org/schools/templetonhs/athletics/football

Feature Image: Templeton High School football players take part in preseason practice. Contributed Photo