SAN LUIS OBISPO — After 31 years of service to the people of San Luis Obispo County, County Chief Probation Officer James “Jim” Salio was recognized by the County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Sept. 22, as he heads into retirement next month.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my work at the Probation Department and considered it my highest honor to serve as the Chief Probation Officer for the County,” Salio said. “I am proud of the work the Probation Department has accomplished during my tenure as Chief, including the implementation of evidence-based practices in probation services, the expansion of the juvenile hall, and the creation of the Coastal Valley Academy, a youth treatment facility.”

Salio was lauded for his notable legacy of creating the Coastal Valley Academy in SLO County. The award-winning program reduces recidivism and reintegrates probationary youth with their families by providing residential treatment services in San Luis Obispo County, rather than sending them to a group home outside of the County.

“We thank Jim for his 30 years of service to our community and for advancing the important public safety role of the Probation Department,” said County Administrative Officer Wade Horton. “His leadership and expertise spurred change in our county and across the state, helping divert young people from the juvenile justice system and improving their lives. We wish Jim and his family the very best in his retirement.” 


Salio was hired by the County of San Luis Obispo Probation Department as a Deputy Probation Officer in 1990 and distinguished himself by demonstrating strong leadership qualities and decision-making skills. He rose through the county probation department ranks through the years and became the Chief Probation Officer in 2009. He will retire on Oct. 16.

“I believe the Probation Department to be a well operating and motivated organization ready to meet the community corrections needs of the county well into the future,” Salio said. “I look forward to enjoying my retirement with family and friends here in our beautiful county.”

Assistant Chief Probation Officer Robert Reyes has been named the County’s next Chief Probation Officer.