San Luis Obispo County Garbagemen’s Association gives $4,000 to department

SAN MIGUEL — The San Luis Obispo Garbagemen’s Association on Tuesday generously donated funds to San Miguel Fire Department for the purchase of two new and more advanced AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). The new Zoll AED Plus will replace two of the Philips Heart Start AEDs that the department currently uses.

Every quarter the SLO Garbagemen’s Association elects to support a local community cause, recently their secretary passed out at a Cal Poly basketball game and was revived thanks to an AED. The quick access and advanced life-saving assistance from the AED brought him back.

This inspired the SLO Garbageman’s Association to reach out to San Miguel Fire Chief Rob Roberson and discuss upgrading the Fire Department’s AEDs.

“If it brings back even one person it’s worth it,” said SLO Garbageman’s Association President George Kardashian of San Miguel Garbage. San Miguel Fire Department plans to replace all of the AEDs in the SMF vehicles with the new Zoll AED Plus as well as adding one to the station’s front office.

Not only will the new AEDs assist the first responders with real-time feedback and CPR assistance, they also plug right into Paramedic cardiac monitors allowing for a smooth transition during resuscitation efforts. The Zoll AEDs are also American Heart Association compliant and compatible with San Luis Ambulance, Cal Fire, CHP, Sheriff and Camp Roberts equipment.