Of the four new cases reported in SLO County, one belongs to Paso Robles and another to Templeton

As San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department tracks new cases, the past six days reveal a steady average of just over three cases per day. The results offer some consolation to the SLO County population secluded and restricted by the shelter-at-home observation — recovering cases are trending 70 percent higher than new cases over the past six days.

During that time, the county has seen a total of 14 new cases, with 24 recoveries. While health experts around the world seek answers to questions of mode of transmission of the virus, spread, and infectious behavior, the quantity of recovered patients is providing information for study of what it means to be ‘recovered.’

Studies continue to produce insight into the lifecycle of the novel coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report that the coronavirus may be able to travel about 13 feet in the air (4m) and cross-contamination is found to occur on the soles of shoes or office and medical equipment.

As reigning orders call for facial coverings, study continues to produce new information that have continually called for more stringent defensive action from global populations.

On Saturday, President Trump proclaimed a major disaster nationwide in all 50 states, bringing the country under a unified stance in defense of the spread and readying for a forward path toward recovery. Not all countries are taking the same approach.

Slow response in Sweden brought the country of 10 million under fire from neighbors and health experts within the country. However, news of impending disaster is also slow moving regarding the country. Sweden’s relaxed response leaves schools open, restaurants with mild guidance, and gatherings of up to 50 people still acceptable — elderly and vulnerable populations have been recommended to isolate.

The United States recorded more than 550,000 COVID-19 cases on Sunday, representing 0.15 percent of the U.S. population. As of Sunday, Sweden recorded 10,500 cases, representing 0.10 percent. The reported cases from Sweden’s relaxed approach are relatively low, but the death rate is triple that of the U.S., raising questions of whether relaxed national response in Sweden led to a lack of reporting of cases, skewing the overall statistics.

Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Lofven has defended the Swedish approach, but patience is reported to be wearing thin as the death rate is called in question the policies of the nation, while some reports question if the country has chosen the right approach — avoiding isolation and economic ruin.

Around the world, countries deal with COVID-19, with information and reports sharing information — some that impacts decisions by local health officials in SLO County.

Each day brings new information, as nations, cities, and families look for signs there is an end to isolation and imagine what life will be like in a world post-C19.

Locally, businesses adapt to situational changes weekly, with some finding opportunity in crisis as many hold their breath.