The ranch grows 12 different varieties of olives and produces certified extra-virgin olive oil

PASO ROBLES — In the heart of Paso Robles wine country sits another hidden gem, Pasolivo Ranch. This 140-acre ranch grows 12 varieties of olives which are then transformed into an award-winning olive oil.

Ancient Greek author, Homer, is said to have coined the term “liquid gold” to describe olive oil thousands of years ago. Scholars argue over the natural origin of olive trees and the creator of olive oil. Some will argue olive cultivation originated in Ancient Egypt around 2,000 BC. However, the earliest surviving olive oil amphorae (Ancient Greek or Roman jar) dates back to 3,500 BC, and its assumed production of olive oil began before 4,000 BC.

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One legend says when the city of Athens was founded, the goddess Athena created the olive tree so that they would choose her as their patron, rather than the god Poseidon.


Olive trees and oil have deep roots in Greek mythology and are cemented in Mediterannean cultures and diets–and for a good reason too.

These trees produced a delicious bounty of fruit each year, which could be used for eating, lighting lamps, cosmetics, medicine, and more. The health benefits of olive oil have deemed it a “superfood,” known for lowering inflammation and antiaging properties.  

We often think of Southern Italy and Sicily when we think of olive oil. And while they are the largest distributor of olive oil, Spain accounts for almost half of global olive oil production.

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Lucky for us, we don’t need to travel all the way to Spain or Sicily for some high-quality, extra-virgin olive oil. We just need to go to Pasolivo Ranch.

General manager and Level Two Olive Oil Sommelier at Pasolivo, Marisa Bloch Gaytan, tells us, “Pasolivo is a family-owned and operated business, and its small-batch, tree-to-table process produces the highest quality extra virgin olive oil available. Based in the heart of California’s wine country, Pasolivo is a premium olive oil producer with over 100 awards and counting.”

Gaytan joined Pasolivo in 2012 and is responsible for creating the ranch’s award-winning olive oil blends. She holds an MBA from Brandman University, specializing in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Plus, she knows everything you could possibly want to know about olive oil.

Pasolivo grows 12 different varieties of Tuscan, Spanish, and French olive trees–all hand-picked when it comes to harvest.

Gaytan explains, “All 12 of Pasolivo’s olive varietals are tended and harvested using organic farming processes on the 140-acre property (Pasolivo has more than 7,000 trees!), and every olive is hand-picked, so there is less damage and stress to the trees. Pasolivo uses the leftover olive paste as fertilizer for the orchard. Pasolivo stores excess water that is extracted from the oil in an on-site tank, which is then applied to the land and reused. After production, Pasolivo opts for glass bottles as a more sustainable and reusable vehicle for its olive oils, vinegars, spice blends, and more.”

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The 2021 harvest began on Nov. 15 and was completed in late November. To ensure the freshest and highest quality olive oil, olives are processed within 24 hours of harvest.

Gaytan described the 2021 harvest as a bumper crop year, “This year’s harvest was a huge success. We were fortunate to have a large harvest, and I appreciate how our entire team worked extremely hard to make everything run smoothly.”

After harvesting the olives comes the best part–the consumption of the olive oil.

Pasolivo has created numerous flavors of olive oils that are certified extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is made from pure cold-pressed olives, making it the least processed form of olive oil and retaining its natural benefits.

All of Pasolivo’s flavored oils are fused with ingredients rather than infused to create the most robust and pure taste. Flavors like garlic lemon, tangerine, rosemary, red jalapeno, and more can be found at the Pasolivo Tasting room off Vineyard Drive.

Next time you’re wine tasting, add a Pasolivo olive oil tasting to your agenda, and for added convenience, visit their Downtown Paso Robles storefront whenever you need a Pasolivo pick me up!

Pasolivo Ranch

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