Virginia Peterson and Kermit King participated in a virtual reading from children’s author Lisa Caprelli and child actor Emily Isabel

PASO ROBLES — Students at Virginia Peterson and Kermit King Elementary Schools in Paso Robles virtually participated in Read Across America with children’s author Lisa Caprelli and 12-year-old child actor Emily Isabel.

Over 400 Paso Robles students and teachers participated in an entertaining virtual reading from Caprelli and Emily.

Lisa Caprelli Author 1
Author Lisa Caprelli

Caprelli is the author of the children’s book series Unicorn Jazz, “which celebrates diversity, belonging, believing in others, and happiness! Her books engage young readers while also imparting some valuable life lessons for audiences of any age about the power of confidence, the value of diversity, and why we should celebrate what makes us unique.”


Inspired by her shy child self, Caprelli wanted to give children the inspiration she needed when she was their age. 

“Sometimes, it just takes one person,” Caprelli explained.

The Unicorn Jazz Club was created to bring Unicorn Jazz to life in an educational and entertaining experience for children. The club inspires students to learn more about their interests and what makes them unique. Many child actors, singers, and broadway actors have joined the Unicorn Club to inspire students at the schools they visit to keep dreaming. 

Isabel recently toured the U.S. and Canada with The Sound of Music, starring as Brigitta.

“Working with Unicorn Jazz and being able to read to all the kids makes me happy because I can see their faces and seeing them dancing around and smiling. I think it’s nice, especially nowadays. I think a lot of kids are having trouble adjusting to Zoom and not seeing friends–to not seeing anybody other than family living with them, so I think it’s nice for them to have this and enjoy themselves and read books,” said Emily.

Emily Isabel
Child actor Emily Isabel

Students asked Emily what it was like to be a young actress, and others wanted to know more about Unicorn Jazz and being an author.

“I try and tell them, whatever you try out for when it comes to acting, singing or not even that, anything you try out, your not always going to get the lead role your not even going to get in the show a lot of times, your going to be told no a lot so I try to tell them to never give up and always believe in themselves,” Emily said.

The Unicorn Jazz Club’s Read Across America Tour can now bring literacy to schools all year round. 

“I truly believe in no child left behind,” said Caprelli.

Caprelli offers free educational curriculums and activities to local elementary school librarians and teachers. The Unicorn Jazz series and Caprelli’s other books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other select book stores.

To learn more about the Unicorn Jazz Club, their educational efforts, or to have them come to your school, visit