Celebrating 10 years of the Readers Poll, a prize of $10K advertising goes to top vote-getter

Tis the season of giving, and we are going all out for our 10th annual Best of North SLO County. Not only have we improved our categories and added a grand prize, we added some unique recognitions for the winners to celebrate narrow victories, first-time winners, and landslide blowouts. This year, it’s all on the line for the Best of North SLO County and every vote matters.

Vote now for your favorite businesses in the 10th annual Best of North SLO County, and we’ll count up the votes for our 10th annual Best of North SLO County Readers Poll.

The strategies of the winners continue to improve year after year, and we get to see some interesting anomalies in the counting room, but have no doubts that we count EVERY vote, because EVERY vote counts — unless you vote for a business not located in the North SLO County. We throw those out. So don’t do it.

This year, we’ve upped the ante. The top vote-getter in any category gets a $10K Advertising Package to use in any of our publications from Paso Robles to Malibu and Calabasas. That’s right. $10,000 credit to use any way they want, and it all counts on your votes. Share the link to bestofnorthslocounty.com with your friends and lobby for your favorite in our 10th Annual Best of North SLO County.


New Stuff

We’ve added some new categories, reorganized the poll, and added an award worth the effort. For those who fill out credible answers for more than 75% of the questions, we enter your name into a drawing in which 10 winners will get a $50 gift card to a local restaurant. Everyone gets a chance to win something.