Thermal imaging cameras will help the fire department with detection, containment, and extinguishment

PASO ROBLES — Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services will be conducting periodic drone flights in the Salinas Riverbed to increase wildfire situational awareness.

The drone is equipped with visual and thermal imaging cameras that provide real-time video and data transmission to the Fire Department. The drone technology will be used for a variety of situations to include hot-spot identification, campfires, and aerial mapping. At this time, the drone will only be utilized in the Salinas Riverbed. This technology will assist us in the early detection of fires, containment, and extinguishment.

With the addition of this tool, the Fire Department is able to gain a new level of situational awareness. Most importantly, the use of drones in the Salinas Riverbed will help in mitigating our community’s fire risk. The Fire Department’s drone program will not be utilized to monitor members of the public or provide surveillance for law enforcement purposes.