Support local businesses while spreading the word about a non-profit

PASO ROBLES—For the entire month of February, people can support local North County businesses while also spreading the love for Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Shop, eat or drink at any of the over 20 participating local businesses and tell a friend why Redwings is a great non-profit. Post a photo of you and your friend while tagging Redwings Horse Sanctuary on Instagram and be entered to win a prize of Redwings merchandise. 

“The idea is to encourage people to sip, eat and shop local, take a picture of themselves telling a friend why Redwings is such a worthy non-profit horse rescue,” says Linelle Soxman, Board Secretary at Redwings.


Participating businesses will be displaying a window card and table tent card. A QR code will take participants to information about Redwings and how to donate and help their cause.

“It’s more about us forging connections saying ‘hey, we’re here, we’re local, we’re in the community now.’ We want to share the love with everybody,” says Soxman.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is a GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) accredited horse rescue and sanctuary founded initially in Carmel, CA, in 1991. Redwings finally purchased a forever home in Paso Robles and moved to 6875 Union Road in the spring of 2021. That same year, Redwings also celebrated 30 years of making a difference in equine lives. They provide sanctuary for horses from all kinds of backgrounds. From retired racing Thoroughbreds to wild Mustangs in the Pryor Mountains of Montana, all are welcome. 

There are many equines within our state with very uncertain futures. This creates a great need for organizations like Redwings Horse Sanctuary, who receive, on average, 20 calls or emails a month requesting help for an equine in need. The staff prioritizes the rescue and rehabilitation of the most at-risk horses. 

Redwings rescues and offers sanctuary to abused, abandoned, and neglected equines along with educational outreach, guided tours by appointment, volunteer opportunities, and has a vibrant adoption program. 

In some occurrences, these horses are unavailable to adopt and seek a forever sanctuary. Some of these are Mustangs and Burros from the Bureau of Land Management population control round-ups or rescues from Premarin farms. 

But not all the rescues come from an abusive or neglected past. Some were service horses, including border patrol, who served our country. Others come from a partnering organization called the California Retirement Management Account (CARMA). Through CARMA, the rescue accepts retired off-track California racehorses who came from loving owners and are highly adoptable. 

Since the creation of their adoption program in 2014, Redwings has placed over 70 horses in new homes and over 30 horses have been formally adopted. For more information on the adoption program, visit

People can look forward to some exciting events and activities coming to Redwings this summer and early fall. Redwings is also always looking for new volunteers. To find more information on Redwings Horse Sanctuary, or to donate, visit: 

Or to find participating businesses in the Share the Love for Redwings, visit:

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