A total of $100,000 has been raised for improvements at the CATCH building

CRESTON — Nestled in the heart of Creston, the Creston Community Center, known as CATCH, has undergone a transformation over the years. What was once a modest pole barn initially constructed to house the Creston Volunteer Fire Department has evolved into a vibrant meeting and events hub for both its nine-member organizations and the larger Creston community.

When CATCH acquired the property at 5110 Swayze back in 2012, it was far from the inviting space it is today. The facility faced a litany of challenges, including a leaky roof, oil-stained concrete floors, unreliable electrical systems, peeling sheet rock, a lack of outdoor gathering spaces, and massive, manually operated metal doors that seemed to invite rainwater inside.

CCC Before improvements
The Creston Community Center, aka CATCH, building is shown before repairs. Contributed Photo

Despite these conditions, the team at CATCH, led by their diligent board secretary, embarked on a journey of transformation. Through years of hard work and a strategic pursuit of grant funding, the community center has seen improvements. In total, an impressive $100,000 has been raised, a testament to the commitment of CATCH organizations and local donors.

While some changes may not be immediately apparent, the impact on both the appearance and functionality of the facility has been profound. Here’s a glimpse of the before-and-after evolution:

Leaky roof
Oil-stained concrete floors

Unreliable electrical systems

Peeling sheet rock

Lack of outdoor gathering space

Bulky, metal, manually operated doors

A new large, covered patio

Sleek industrial-style glass framed doors

ADA-compliant entrance

Upgraded electrical infrastructure

Roof repairs
Sheet rock repairs

Comprehensive interior painting

Epoxy flooring throughout

New exterior lighting and signage

Industrial fans to enhance comfort

The success of CATCH’s transformation wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of several philanthropic groups within San Luis Obispo County. Organizations like The Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo and the Justin Community Grants have played pivotal roles in this journey, sharing a common focus on building strong and resilient communities.

To these organizations and all who have contributed to this inspiring journey, the Creston community extends its heartfelt gratitude.

Feature Image: CATCH Secretary Sheila Lyons can be seen in the entrance to the newly refurbished CATCH building. Contributed Photo