With half the usual amount of animals sold, the auction made over $2 million in sales

PASO ROBLES — The California Mid-State Fair (CMSF) held their heifer sale on Friday, Jul. 30, and junior livestock sale on Saturday, Jul. 31 for all 4H and FFA animals. 

Together, the auctions raised $2,302,120 on 515 animals (including add-on sales). 

Of that, $409,750 came from the Replacement Heifer Sale and $1,892,370 came from the Junior Livestock Auction.


Additionally, this year’s industrial arts auction brought in $102,000 – on 25 projects.

The industrial arts show includes projects built by students using basic and advanced welding techniques. Projects that can be seen are BBQs, trailers, utility racks, wine racks, shop benches, porch swings, coffee tables, and more.

Paso Robles High School’s 15 BBQ projects raised $35,000 and proceeds were donated to the James W. Brabeck Foundation (JWBYLF) to support the Junior

Livestock Auction. Over $750,000 has been brought in since the auction began over 20 years ago.

JoAnn Switzer, the lady in purple and Livestock Supervisor for CMSF, said, “The community came out in big force, and the kids had so much fun that the fair. It was unbelievable to see how they were all laughing and playing games and all having a great time.”

To put things in perspective, in 2019, the sales saw a total of 869 animals sold for a combined $2.1 million before add-ons.

“It was over the top amazing—Colleen and the team did an amazing job,” said Switzer.

After the Sale of Champions, auctioneers announced they broke past the expected sales for this year’s auction.

Molly Lacey sat with her grandmother Dee Lacey at the auction. After the announcement, Molly saw Dee tear up, saying, “Can’t believe it, so happy for the kids, and this is a great day for the community.”

Official numbers for the auction won’t be ready until Thursday, Aug. 12, but Colleen Bojorquez, the CMSF Interim Chief Executive Officer, knows the auctions went extraordinarily well.

Bojorquez said, “We had a ton of community support. It truly was phenomenal. It brought tears to my eyes just knowing that these kids were getting to experience a real fair and were still being supported by their community.”

One thing from 2020 was implemented again this year—virtual add-ons. 

Typically after the auction, anyone can make an additional monetary contribution to livestock animals after it is sold. This can be adding $1 to each pound for any animal(s). Add-ons are a great way to support the 4H and FFA show kids.

“I think that was one of the good things that came out of COVID was that we provided add-ons online-only, and I think it is a nice addition so that people who have grandparents or people out of state who want to contribute are able to do that,” said Bojorquez. 

Virtual add-ons closed on Sunday, Aug. 9.

FFA and 4H students raise and work with their animals for months, some nearly a year. They then show off their hard work at the fair during market and showmanship days, all scrambling for clippers, combs, and sometimes an extra set of whites because theirs is no longer white for one reason or another.

Auction day is where these kid’s hard work comes to fruition. Their animal was an investment of time and money, and this is the sell-off day.

Bojorquez reiterated how grateful everyone at CMSF is for the community’s support of the kids and said, “We look forward to bringing another show next year.”

This year’s Livestock Grand Champions are as follows: 

Supreme Champion Market Hog & Local Bred and Fed Champion

Lane Gardner – San Miguel 4-H

Buyer: Kings Oil Tools

Price: $6,734.00

Supreme Champion Market Lamb & Local Bred and Fed Champion

Mallory Cleaver – Paso Robles FFA

Buyer: California Compaction Equipment

Price: $6,165.00

Supreme Champion Meat Goat

Kendall Savage – Creston 4-H

Buyer: Atascadero Hay and Feed, Miller Drilling Company, Paul and Debbie Viborg, Tom and Martha Bordonaro & Weyrick Lumber Company

Price: $5,200.00

Supreme Champion Market Steer

Braden Wheeler – Santa Lucia 4-H

Buyer: Raminha Construction, Inc.

Price: $13,500.00

Supreme Champion Market Turkey

Bella Marden – San Luis Obispo FFA

Buyer: Adelaide Inn, Best Western Plus Black Oak & Bozzano & Co.

Price: $3,200.00

Supreme Champion Market Turkey Hen

Holyn Sylvester – Edna 4-H

Buyer: Tom & Martha Bordonaro

Price: $1,100.00

Supreme Champion Broiler

Jack Sylvester – Canyon Country 4-H

Buyer: David Crye, Inc.

Price: $2,600.00

Supreme Champion Meat Rabbit Pen

Kayla Hurl – Parkfield 4-H

Buyer: 43 Farms Animal Health, Atascadero Hay and Feed & Clevenger Cattle

Price: $1,500.00