On Tuesday, April 21st, Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin will participate in the first World Audio Day sponsored by streaming company Live365. The event will be marked by an all-day virtual conference, including live panels, a branded radio station, insight from audio industry experts of all types, and more. Live365 is partnering with several other businesses and industry experts to put the event together.

The goal of World Audio Day is to bring together those in all corners of the audio space, from internet radio and AM/FM broadcasting to podcasting, monetization to legality, programming to marketing, and much more. The day aims to acknowledge the evolution of the audio space and push the boundaries as the community moves into the future. The core of the event will be an all-day virtual conference consisting of live panels via Zoom and a 24-hour World Audio Day 2020 radio station on Live365. 

Martin, the founder and operator of Voice of Paso (VOP), four separate online radio stations serving the City of Paso Robles, was selected to participate on a panel focused on programming content. The VOP offers separate signals featuring multiple music formats (country, oldies, jazz) and one reserved for local high school sports events (VOP Sports Network). The stations broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and may be heard on the VOP website (www.VoiceOfPaso.com) or with tablet and smartphone apps such as MyTuner and Live365. 

“We are very passionate about the audio community and its many forms,” said Justin Ruoff, Live365’s VP of Operations. “We felt that it was important to do our part to unite the community, and that’s where ‘World Audio Day’ was born. We have an amazing lineup of speakers and we look forward to putting on a fantastic conference this year and for many years to come.”

For the World Audio Day 2020 schedule and programming updates, see live365.com/blog/world-audio-day-2020.