Early Thursday morning, Paso Robles Police Department announced a call for help from the community via social media. Local man Jacob Main was reported last seen wearing camo cargo shorts, a famous stars and straps T-shirt and had been cut into a muscle tank and DC sneakers that were black with camo, a black alabama hat that has a crimson A on it and carrying his camo pool bag.

Police report he was last seen “at the rodeo bar in Paso Robles on 2-25-20. Jacob was thought to be last headed to Atascadero. Jacob frequents the local bars to play pool competitively Jacob has not been seen or heard by family and friends since that evening. Any information please contact PRPD.”

As of 9:30 a.m., the Paso Robles Police Department Facebook announcement had been shared 592 times as the community spreads the word about Jacob’s disappearance.

The PRPD reported that Main was located at approximately 9:45 a.m. According to officials, “there was no foul play.” Main had not communicated with his wife where he was staying. Police made contact with Main this morning and he said that he was not even aware that he was reported as missing.

“He didn’t know he was listed as a missing person, he didn’t think he was missing, it was other people who didn’t know where he was,” said Sargeant Joseph Leonard.