Power Outages, Thunderstorms, and Road Closures Plague the Region – Stay Informed and Prepared

In response to the severe storm affecting multiple counties, including San Luis Obispo County, Governor Gavin Newsom has officially declared a state of emergency. 

The latest update from PG&E approximately 10,000 residents in San Luis Obispo County are currently without power due to storm-related damages and strong winds. The National Weather Service predicts a regional weather pattern that includes rain and the possibility of thunderstorms before 10 p.m., followed by showers and the chance of more thunderstorms after 10 p.m. 

Overnight temperatures are expected to drop to around 48 degrees, accompanied by brisk south winds ranging from 20 to 25 mph, with gusts reaching up to 40 mph. The probability of precipitation is at 90%, with anticipated rainfall amounts ranging between a tenth and a quarter of an inch, although higher levels may occur during thunderstorms.

Monday’s weather forecast indicates ongoing showers and the potential for thunderstorms, with daytime temperatures reaching approximately 58 degrees. The south-southeast wind is projected to be around 10 mph. Precipitation remains at 90 percent, with new rainfall expected to range between a quarter and half of an inch.


For additional information and assistance, contact the City of Paso Robles Public Works Department at (805) 237-3861.

To access disaster preparedness resources, such as a Flood Safety Checklist, visit the City of Paso Robles Emergency Services website at prcity.com/432/Disaster-Preparation.

In case of emergencies, reach out to the Paso Robles Police Department by dialing 911 or calling (805) 237-6464. For power-related concerns, contact PG&E at (800) 743-5002, and for storm, street, and drainage inquiries, connect with the Department of Public Works at (805) 237-3861.

If you observe any hazards or incidents on the highway, call 911.

Stay informed about road closures using Caltrans QuickMap at quickmap.dot.ca.gov. Additionally, you can monitor traffic conditions on the state highway system through Caltrans’ network of roadside traffic cameras at video.dot.ca.gov. For more details on planned lane closures in Caltrans District 5, visit lcswebreports.dot.ca.gov/searchdistricts?district=5.