Lighting includes 21 trees and was inspired by fireflies

PASO ROBLES — After a successful and cheerful holiday season with the City Park lit up with new and improved light showcase, the city has worked to bring year-round lights to Paso Robles City Park. 

“The vision for the year-round lighting is to mimic the sense of wonder created by the 2023 holiday lighting display, but in a completely different way,” explained Public Works Director Freda Berman.

The City Park holiday lighting was done in partnership with the Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association’s traditional Downtown Lighting Ceremony supporting the Cancer Support Community California Central Coast (CSC CCC). It received resounding approval from the community and residents throughout the holiday season, but were turned off in January as is done annually. According to the city, merchants and hotels experienced increased business and occupancy rates, with a 20 percent surge in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) in December alone. 


The positive feedback from residents prompted the city to bring back the lights with a year-round theme. The year-round display includes 21 trees in City Park, focusing on enhancing the beauty of the large heritage oaks. Depending on tree size and structure, anywhere from 30 to 150 lights were installed in each designated tree. The lighting utilizes durable and waterproof lights that are easily removable for the holiday season.

Berman explained the inspiration behind the new light display, “The lighting is intended to foster a sense of community by providing a brightly lit family atmosphere. We used the image of fireflies — when it is dark and the breeze blows, the lights appear to float in the trees.”

According to Berman, the city purchased the light installation from L.A. Christmas Light Installers who also installed the holiday lights. The total cost came to $115,000. Berman explains the lighting was selected for being durable, waterproof, and low voltage. City staff will maintain the lights throughout the year.

So far the city has received another round of approval from the community on the new lights.

General Store Paso Robles part-owner Joeli Yogunda told Paso Robles Press of the lights, “Anyone who is a fan of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ knows that the lights in the park take us one step closer to being Stars Hollow. If you’re not a fan, we would just repeat what customers have said when they see the trees lit up: It’s totally, utterly charming. Well done, City of Paso.”

The year-round lights were officially lit for the first time on the evening of Friday, April 19. The lighting will remain up until November, when they will be replaced with the holiday lighting.

Featured Image: Visitors walk through City Park during a recent evening past the lighted trees. City workers installed lights on 21 trees in the park, and they will stay up until November, when they will be replaced by holiday lights. Photo by Camille DeVaul