The task force aligns with Paso’s plans to achieve its own spaceport designation

PASO ROBLES — On Aug. 31, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) announced the formation of a new Space Industry Task Force. 

The City of Paso Robles applauds the formation of this task force and the Governor’s acknowledgment of the space industry’s role as a significant economic driver for the state. The move reinforces the City’s commitment to achieving a spaceport designation at the Paso Robles Municipal Airport. The City of Paso Robles looks forward to directly participating on the task force.

“California has an unparalleled track record of fostering innovation,” said Mayor Steve Martin. “We enthusiastically look forward to working the GO-Biz team to achieve our mutual goals of expanding the commercial space industry in Paso Robles.” 

The stated goals of the Space Industry Task Force align with the City’s goals for a spaceport, specifically attracting and catalyzing new businesses, including international businesses; building more testing and launch capabilities in the state; and working with California’s higher education system to create potential new career paths. 

Paso Robles has completed an initial feasibility study confirming the airport’s suitability for a Spaceport designation and has received a preliminary proposal from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) to complete the FAA Spaceport License Application process on behalf of Paso Robles. 

Cal Poly is a pioneer in CubeSat technology and is an eager partner in the spaceport mission. The mini satellite technology has substantially contributed to the expansion of space exploration and research worldwide. Universities often have to wait for a rocket launch to get their satellites into orbit which can take years. A spaceport in Paso Robles would allow Cal Poly to send satellites into space without the wait, as well as provide hands-on learning and innovation opportunities for aerospace students at the university.

More information on Paso Robles spaceport project can be found here