PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles has announced a public hearing regarding proposed fee amendments for the Paso Robles Airport. The hearing will take place during the regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 1, starting at 6:30 p.m. The purpose of the amendments is to enhance cost recovery for services provided by the Airport Division within the Public Works Department.

During the public hearing, individuals will have the opportunity to offer oral presentations concerning the proposed fee changes. Copies of the staff report and resolution outlining the proposed fees will be available for review at the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall (1000 Spring Street) and on the City’s official website at These documents will be accessible no later than 72 hours before the hearing. Interested parties may also purchase copies for the cost of reproduction.

For any inquiries regarding the proposed fees, the Administrative Services Department can be contacted at (805) 237-3999 or via email at


It is important to note that if you wish to challenge the proposal in court, you may only raise issues that were raised at the public hearing or submitted in written correspondence to the City Council before or during the hearing.

The City has returned to hybrid public meetings under AB 361, allowing for a mix of in-person and remote participation. Residents can attend the meeting in person or choose to participate remotely. Remote participation options include listening to the live meeting broadcast on 1230AM radio or livestreaming it at To provide public comments via phone, individuals can call (805) 865-7276. The phone line will be open before and throughout the meeting to facilitate commenting on each agenda item. Written comments can also be submitted via email to before 12 noon on the day of the Council meeting, indicating the agenda item number or name.

City Council meetings will be livestreamed and made available for later viewing on YouTube via the link