PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles continues to search for and implement a range of treatment methods to mitigate the overgrowth of vegetation within the Salinas Riverbed. One treatment method that has proven to be effective in maintaining established firebreaks is grazing with livestock. Due to the variation of terrain within the Salinas Riverbed and the desire to limit impacts, grazing could become a key component of the City’s long-term plan to manage vegetation within the riverbed.

Grazing Area

The City of Paso Robles has contracted with The Goat Girls LLC to graze approximately 15 acres of overgrown vegetation. Grazing will start at Larry Moore Park, move north along the River Walk to Navajo Road and west under the Niblick Bridge. The path will remain open to the community while the animals are grazing the area.

A mixture of 250 head of goats and sheep will arrive in the city on Monday, Aug. 17. The sheep graze on the more delicate grasses while the goats knockdown and reduce the thicker brush and shrubs. Treatment of the proposed 15 acres is estimated to be completed before Monday, Aug. 31.

Members of the public are welcome to visit the area and monitor the progress of the grazing operation. City officials would like to remind the public that there will be electric fencing in the area to contain the animals, so do not go near the fencing.


If the grazing operation is successful and the desired results are achieved, a larger area will be identified for treatment during the Spring of 2021, before the onset of the 2021 Fire Season.

Grazing Location