Court will meet on July 6 to confirm new preliminary hearing dates

SAN LUIS OBISPO — On Wednesday, Jun. 30 a hearing in the case of the People vs. Paul and Ruben Flores for the murder of Kristin Smart was called to order at 9:16 a.m. and was live-streamed through Zoom.

Honorable Judge Craig Van Rooyen was not present, and Judge Jacquelyn Duffy stood in for him. 

Paul Flores was present from the county jail with his attorney Robert Sanger present. 

Ruben Flores was not present. Instead, his attorney Harold Mesick was representing him.


Representing the People is Deputy District Attorney Christopher Peuvrelle.

Sanger filed a motion to continue the preliminary hearing one week to Jul. 12 with Mesick joining him on the motion.

The preliminary hearing was originally scheduled to start on Jul. 6 at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse.

Judge Duffy asked Paul Flores if he understood his attorney Sanger asked for a continuance because they are waiting for further outstanding evidence.

Peuvrelle confirmed the people have no objections to the continuance.

Court will meet again on Jul. 6 with Judge Van Rooyen at 8:30 am for a pre-preliminary hearing to confirm preliminary hearing dates. 

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