PASO ROBLES — On Apr. 14, members of the El Paso de Robles Chapter, NSDAR, answered the call of the California State, NSDAR.

All California Chapters were encouraged to participate in the heART project to deliver the message of love through art to the foster children across our state.

The DAR heART project flyer reads:
“One community in our Community Classroom we tend to overlook are the 83,000 students presently in foster care. Family upheaval can lead to gaps in these students’ educational and emotional development. Only fifty percent graduate from High School. All students, but especially foster care students, benefit from access to the creative arts. And their own art supplies.

Why art? Through art, children create something that, until that point, was only imagined. That period of quiet reflection gives them permission to relax and ponder. Art augments emotional intelligence and enhances the development of empathy and personal communication. With the act of creation, recognizing the world outside of oneself and the world within oneself becomes more understandable and less frightening. Educationally, art opens the door to learning through all senses.”

Fifteen art kits were delivered to Teresa Tardiff, Executive Director of the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) in San Luis Obispo.

Six members of the chapter that helped deliver the kits were Lisa Wood, Linda Wood, Sue Hayes, Susan Clark, Betsy Beatty, and Lida Lucas.

The Theme of the California State Society, NSDAR “With full hearts… We Can and We Will Rise and Shine in Service to God, Home, and Country.”

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