Good news! We are preparing for the economic recovery that must come after the COVID-19 shelter-at-home rule is relaxed. The cities and the county have formed a panel of experts to prepare a safe and effective plan to maintain public health while systematically re-opening facilities and business. This is brand new. More to come later. Meanwhile, check out for economic relief resources.

Here in Paso Robles we WILL recover while avoiding new flare-ups of the disease. Visit the city’s website,, and look at the COVID-19 Updates page for the latest local information. We are receiving results from out surveys of citizens and businesses regarding the impacts of the disease. We are working with local stakeholders to facilitate recovery measures. Check the Chamber’s site,

Meanwhile, your City Council has waived penalties and interest charges for late hotel taxes and supports non-eviction policies. Critical services including power, water and Internet will not be cut off due to COVID-19 impacts.

Looking to the future, we have made a series of preliminary City budget decisions including a hiring freeze except for public safety, cessation of all but the most critical expenditures, and the suspension of non-urgent Capital  Improvement Projects. Other actions will be considered during the next City Council meeting, April 21st, 6:30 p.m. You can hear that meeting on KPRL (AM1230) or at You will be able to comment via telephone.


I’m happy to report that essential city services are being maintained during this crisis. Including public works. That means we will continue to have safe drinking water and reliable sewage treatment. There are ways you can help. First, don’t flush wipes down the toilet. Disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, towelettes, paper towels and facial tissues clog pipes and create problems. None of us need any more problems right now. So be careful what you flush. We also continue to address signs, potholes, signals and other traffic concerns. To report a problem call the Public Works Department at 805-237-3861 or visit

The beat goes on as we fight to beat COVID-19, and we all have a piece of the fight. Wash your hands, keep your distance, report sickness to your doctor.

Until we blog again, stay informed, stay involved and stay strong Paso Robles!